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Special Offer!

An 'off-the-shelf' 6 page Website for £500!

Here are the details

The Website includes:

your logo

6 pages of your text

6 javascript rollover buttons in 2 styles

layout styles in 1 CSS file

a choice of 6 colour schemes*

2 layout styles*

a Corbis photograph worth up to £70

This is what it will cost you:

£500 per site - no extras

We are always looking at ways to help people who would like their own Website, but are not sure where to start. That is why we supply the information you find here on the Lankester Designs Website. We hope that by reading our hints and tips on Web design, studying our colour charts and browsing through our glossary and FAQ sections, you will feel better equipped to make decisions about your own Website requirements.

We are also very aware that the cost may be a problem, or more specifically, not knowing what the cost is likely to be.

Generally, we know the price of something before we even make enquiries. If we are thinking of buying a new house, for example, we instruct an estate agent to send us details of houses within a certain price range. In the shops, if we are interested in an item, we look for the price tag. But when it comes to Websites, how and where do we find out how much they cost!

Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to publish a fixed price for a Website. If we take the previous example, of buying a new house, it would be the equivalent of the estate agent telling us that all houses are exactly the same price (however, I expect if they were all the price of a one bedroom semi, we would be unlikely to complain!).

Similarly, with Websites, the size and complexity of the 'design and build' means the cost will be different for each individual site.

Because of this site 'assessment' issue and the fact that the majority of people do not know whether their requirements are complex or not, they become wary about the potential of being mislead. This is a genuine problem and it prevents many people from making those initial enquiries to Web design companies like ourselves.

So, we thought it was time to produce an 'off-the-shelf' Website, where all the details are there for you to see. The design, the colours, the number of pages and of course the cost.

We have produced a simple, yet stylish, design that we can adapt to take your company logo, or hobby title, with links to six pages and in one of six colour schemes. There are 2 variations for each design, so that you have even more choice over button style and page layout.

The design features a quality landscape photograph from Corbis, one of the best known names in the stock photography business. The cost of this image is included in the price of the Website.

There will be no loud, garish banners brandishing our name across your site, just the very smallest copyright notice, (in 8pt font), at the very bottom of each page.

All you have to do is contact us, using either the form opposite or by phone, and we will explain how best to send us your text and logo. The only caveat here is that the text must be in electronic format, preferably Word, but an ordinary text (.txt) document would be fine.

We will also FTP the finished Website to your own domain. If you have yet to sort out who will host your Website, we will either e-mail you the completed files, or recommend an ISP for you.

Click on any of the Website thumbnails on the right for 1024 x 768 images illustrating both available styles.

* colour schemes available are woodland, sea, sunrise, sunset, lake and moody.

Please note that at the time of producing these designs, Swift Software Limited was used as a ficticious company name and the domain,, was not owned by any company.

Only £500 - Yes Please!






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or call us direct on +44 (0)1666 822652


Click on any of the Website thumbnails below to see 1024 x 768 images in both available styles.

Woodland Sea



Sunrise Sunset



Lake Moody



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